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Our campsite is in a perfect location, next to the sea and the mountains, which opens up a unique and very diverse range of all kinds of activities for all ages.


A privileged environment.

Camping Mar Azul is located in a place surrounded by a wide tourist offer for our visitors. Beaches, nature, culture ... discover what you can do in the area.

Typical plate of Migas
Typical plate of Migas.

Enjoy the Gastronomy of Almería
The good food of our land.

  • The TAPAS

    In the province of Almería when you order a beer or wine you will get a TAPA for free, ask for it, otherwise they will think that you are a TOURIST.

    The tapa is a small individual portion of food that is offered when one orders an alcoholic consumption.

  • The portions

    RATIONS are plates to share several people in the center of the table, usually accompanied by french fries or salad. Fish, meat, vegetables from Almería.
    Immerse yourself in the Mediterranean diet.

  • Typical dishes

    PAELLA is without a doubt the star dish: Seafood Paella, Mixed Paella with meat and seafood or Paella of meat or only vegetables and in the sierra with rabbit or snails.

    Crumbs of wheat semolina, the famous Alpujarreño Dish with its chorizo, blood sausage and fried egg. Gurullos, trigo and all kinds of fried or grilled fish.
    Discover the gastronomic offer of the villages of Almería.

  • Gastronomic products

    Laujar wine, Canjáyar olive oil, Tabernas and Alcolea, Trevélez ham, Arab origin sweets and pastry.
    Each small town has its own specialty, check at Reception or go to the main municipal markets and weekly markets.

Mosaico romano de El Ejido.
Mosaico romano de El Ejido.

Brief History of Almería

  • Metal Age - Los Millares, Culture of El Argar.
  • 2000 a.C. - Iberos, Celtas y Tartesios.
  • 1100.a.C. - Phoenicians - Adra (Abdera), Almuñécar (Sexi).
  • S. VI a.C. - Greeks and Carthaginians - Adra (Abdera).
  • 209 a.C. - Rome - Almería (Portus Magnus), Dalías, El Ejido.
  • 621 d.C. - Visigoths.
  • 711 – 1489 - Arabs - Pechina (Bayyana), Almariyat (Almería).
  • 1568 – 1571 - Rebellion of Las Alpujarras - Laujar.
  • S. XVII - XIX - Social developement.
  • S.XIX – XX - Mining, agriculture (grapes, greenhouses).
  • XXI century - La Huerta de Europa.

Enjoy leisure, cultural or nature activities very close to the campsite.

The beaches of Cabo de Gata, Sierra Nevada, the Alhambra in Granada or the Alcazaba de Almería, ..., know the most beautiful places in the provinces of Almería and Granada.

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